Pepper Martin


Our grandfather was the kind of man who left people smiling, inspired and hopeful. He was always seen as a larger than life individual with all of the humbleness needed to befriend countless individuals. Pepper was an icon to those who knew him in the state of Maine—he was truly a stand-up guy. Pepper left us all with stories of his great accomplishments, all of which conjure up a dream like vision of good old fashioned Maine living. Pepper was a craftsman, hunter, fisherman, brewer, water skiing legend and an avid boxer to name a few things he was known for.


“He was a Maine Guide from early 1930’s till late 1980’s Most of his guiding was at sporting camps near Mt. Katahdin and Moosehead Lake area. He was both a Hunting and Fishing Guide”


“He had close ties to the Penobscot Indians. His native American friends helped him to learn the guiding and canoe building expertise. One of his closest friends was the chief of the tribe and a special service was conducted for him after he died on the Penobscot reservation.”


“His famous home brew was called Pepper’s Champagne, the entire family helped to bottle the brew, friends would gather at his house to experience what his friends called the best brewed beer from Maine, he only gave the recipe out once and as of now it is somewhere in storage in northern Italy.”


“His favorite food was fish and in particular smoked fish, he built a number of fish smokers and tried to perfect the art of creating fantastic smoked fish. His native American friends would drop off fish for Pepper to smoke for them in exchange for some of the finished product. Pepper would say the fish most people would not keep were the best to smoke, bluefish and Pickerel were a couple of his favorites. (we have bluefish smoked on the menu at Pepper’s)”


“As a hunter, his accuracy was second to none. He once shot a buck from 100 hundred yards in a blinding snowstorm while standing on the roof of a house boat (oh and yes he had built the boat too)”

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We wanted to preserve the things we hold dear to our hearts such as family, the great state of Maine, and fresh local seafood. These things are enjoyed by many others just like us—so we have created a place for everyone to enjoy and have a good old time. Seafood distribution is at the core of what we do—we are experts in sourcing, quality control and distribution of seafood. Our product is the freshest available local seafood and that is exactly what we bring to the table at our Peppers Landing locations.